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Exact marker

Finally, it is worth noting some exact marker odds. Bearing in mind that FC Barcelona comes to the match with a thirst for revenge and that this season has seen at least one very even match between the two (Copa del Rey), it is likely that we will enjoy a toss-up match .

In fact the highest odds are relative to adjusted scores. That Madrid win by a margin of 1-2 points pays 17 to 1. That Barça do it by the same margin pays 19 per Euro bet. Therefore, betting €10 on this last option would earn €190!!!



Sportium presents us with very interesting options to bet individually on a player. On the Barça side we find affordable markets such as Ante Tomic’s total points, paid at €1.83 whether he reaches or exceeds 13 points or if he scores a lower number. The Croatian, declared the best center in the Euroleague this year, has had an irregular season, but has just recovered from Valencia Basket with a great performance after a discreet series. What face will we see today?

On the other hand, it is necessary to mention the figure of Juan Carlos Navarro. Although it is true that the scoring reference for the Catalans does not arrive in his best physical shape, there is no doubt that we are dealing with a special player. You just have to look at the statistics to see that the best performances from him come on the big occasions. That reaches or exceeds 13 points is paid 1.90 to 1.

This same fee is used for Madrid’s attacking reference, Rudy Fernández, who is ready for the classic after suffering discomfort in his left shoulder in recent weeks. For his part, Nikola Mirotic, after having carried out a final phase of the Euroleague below his level and some discreet playoffs, could become the destabilizing factor in the final. That the young player wanted by the Houston Rockets reaches or exceeds 13 points has an interesting fee of €1.95.

1 vs 1

1 vs 1

In the gunmen’s duel we find that a superior score by Rudy over Navarro is paid at 1.65 per euro bet. May Navarro win, at €2.10!!

The fight in the heights features an exciting clash between Bourousis and Dorsey. That the Greek get more sacks is paid 1.65 to 1, while the blaugrana (with a better rebounding average) does it, again at €2.10.

Another outstanding contest will be, without a doubt, the one that will face the two orchestra directors: Sergio Rodríguez and Marcelinho Huertas. That the white point guard surpasses the Brazilian in assists is paid 1.72 to 1, while if it is the Catalan player who gets the most basket passes, we would receive €2 per euro wagered. In this case, the confrontation is expected to be more even, since although “Chacho” has completed a great season, Huertas has been more irregular but arrives full of the classic, after establishing himself as the hero of Barça in the semifinals.

So, if we review the analysis of the markets, we realize that most of the Barcelona players have somewhat higher odds (although not always), since Madrid is the great favourite. It is about seeing which options are the most feasible taking into account the way and the state in which each player arrives.

You already have the analysis, do not hesitate to bet! These and more markets for the grand final!

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