What is the difference between bet type and bet market?

bet type and bet market

Although, for example, people are quick to talk about soccer betting types and betting markets in the same train of thought, the terms “betting type” and “betting market” describe different facts in sports betting at 22Bet. These are by no means clear to every bettor.

We would like to change that at this point, because it is quite relevant for the overall understanding of sports betting and thus ultimately also an efficient as well as ultimately maximally successful betting, to know what a bet type is and what a bet market is.


Betting market:

Basically, the term “betting market” stands for a sport that a bookie offers for betting as well as the betting options that you receive there. The term is usually used synonymously for a betting option in a certain sport or as “betting markets” just for the totality of betting options.

Betting type:

Betting types, on the other hand, are – as the term unfortunately hardly clarifies – types of bets in which the individual betting markets can be used.

For example, it is possible to combine several of the following betting markets in the bet types system bet and combination bet:

  • Goal scorer bets
  • Bets on both teams scoring a goal
  • Bets on favorites and favorites bets
  • Bets on offside
  • Bets on own goals

Furthermore, there is a chance to choose a single bet as a bet type and there, for example, either bets on the relegation or bets on coach dismissals or coach changes or sports bets on transfer market.

Some of the best betting markets at a glance

betting markets at a glance

There are so many different betting markets that we can’t fully describe them here, of course. However, we do not want to withhold the best or most popular options from you:

  • Bet on a win and a loss and a draw
  • Double chance bets
  • Over/Under bet
  • Handicap
  • Asian Handicap
  • Result bet
  • Betting on corner kicks
  • Sports betting yellow and red cards
  • Long term bets
  • Special bets
  • Win, lose and draw betting

Every sports bettor should know how to bet on victory, defeat and draw. Synonymously, this is also called 1X2 betting or 3-way betting. In soccer, 1X2 stands for the three possible outcomes of a game:

1 is the home win, X is the draw and 2 is the away win.

In this betting market, bets are typically placed on only one of the three possible outcomes. That is, the bettor settles on the 1 for a home win, the X for sports betting on a draw, or the 2 for an away win.

However, some bookmakers also provide options to bet on more than one of the outcomes. Namely, when a betting configurator is offered.



Double chance bets are another standard format in sports betting.

Basically, double chance bets are 3-way bets as a 2-way combination. If you want to bet on the double chance, you just need to view the various betting options that are offered in a 3-way bet.

As a rule, the double chance bet is also available there – usually directly as the second option or at least very high up.

With this betting market you literally get double the chance. Instead of having to choose one of the three options of the 3-way bet, you can combine 2 ways.

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